Alenka, three times awarded for Best Makeup, is one of the leading Makeup Designers in Slovenia. She finished School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia and she studied Architecture, Philosophy and Sociology of Culture on the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Alenka works on a wide variety, all from modern theatre play and historical film drama to commercials and stills photography sessions.

She’s best known for her work with Film Directors like Michael Winterbottom, Srdjan Dragojevic, Janez Burger, Jan Cvitkovic, Giuseppe Petitto and Commercial Directors like Andreas Nilsson, Bart Timmer, Martin Werner, Kasper Wedendahl, Martin de Thurah.

Alenka gives you the best results and she brings great energy to set.

She’s based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but her work is worldwide and no project is too small or too big for her.